Ingrown Nail Nipper 11.5cm

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Ingrown Nail Nipper 11.5cm

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1- Size: 11.5cm         2-Reduced Jaw
3- Box-Joint               4-Double Spring
5- Plain Handle         6- Satin Finish

Ingrown Nail nippers description:

These Podiatry ingrown nail nippers have flat jaws. Jaw designs of these nippers allow to easily access under the nail and difficult-to-reach areas of the toenail. Ingrown nail nippers have straight and fine jaws which create the straight shape of nails so that nail does not grow to sides. If you do not know how to use an ingrown nail please first contact to a podiatrist for treatment. If you would like to cut a slight case of an ingrown nail please use a pair of nipper specially designed to cut the ingrown toenails. An ingrown toenail is a common nail problem. It occurs when the sides or corners of a nail grow into soft tissue instead of growing straight out. The condition can become very painful, especially if infection sets in.

Ingrown Nail nippers blades touch evenly when closed. Both Blades are exactly aligned in proper relative position to cut hard nails. Inserted double springs give smooth and precise floating movements without effort. Pleasant Satin Finish and round Edges give additional safety. Exactly specified sizes and shapes of handles fits with the natural movement of Your hands. Nails never entrap into cutting blade. 

Only high quality surgical grade stainless steel is used that is capable of performing under normal or expected conditions which achieves Rockwell 48 to 50 hardness. High quality Stainless Steel makes the forging harder and nippers stay sharp longer. Ingrown Nipper is Formed with box-joint method which stops side ways movement or Staggering and it retains the alignment of cutting edges for life time. Each Nail Nipper conforms exactly to the shape and the master pattern. Made of rust resistant and can be sterilized. Passivation process is applied to prevent rust or correction. Autoclaveable. 

Every instrument is checked carefully before dispatching for its functions and best cutting results.

How to use nail nipper:  

For maximum result please cut from one side of nail to another. Thicker Nails should be cut in two steps because that does not rip or break them.
Please do not insert whole thick nail into cutting blade of nail nipper this can damage nails or skin around them.
There are no known hazards associated with functional failure, maintenance and aging but care in use is essential.

Useful steps to care a nail nipper:

Nice handling and proper storage after use is essential for the long life of the instruments.
Ingrown are manufactured for personal grooming or Podiatrist use and should not be used for any other purposes.

  • Make sure every Nail Nipper is completely dry before storage. 
  • Lubricate inside the box-joint with oil after some uses. This will make the smooth movement of nippers and will not allow them to jam or stiff.
  • Never clean Nail nippers with a wire brush or rub hard always use a soft brush.
  • Make sure all Nail Nippers are dry after sterilization process.
  • Keep nippers jaw inside rubber cap when not in use.


Recommendation for nail nippers

Ingrown nail Nippers Blades are very sharp and always should be handled carefully.
Never cut live skin around the nails. Smaller cuticle nippers are better to cut dead skin around the nails.
Nail Nipper is designed to cut Toenails and Nails. Does not use to cut anything expect nails. 

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