About Us

Quality Plus has been producing the highest quality state of the art instruments since 1978. Q Plus, a world leader Manufacturer of Podiatrists, Chiropodists,  instruments, is dedicated to providing, Quality Plus, Precision Designed, and Innovative Instruments.

Our instruments are produced using the highest grades of surgical stainless steel to ensure steel quality and consistent pattern conformity. We work closely with healthcare clinicians throughout the surgical disciplines to ensure our products meet and exceed their expectations. Meticulous product inspection throughout the manufacturing and finishing processes ensures the very highest level of quality. Our clients appreciate the precision, performance, longevity, reliability and uncompromising quality of Q-Plus.

As a manufacturer, Q-Plus has the ability to custom manufacturer to the specific needs of the clinician and label any of our products. All of our instruments can be finished a variety of ways including sand blasted, (matte), polished (mirror), electroplated (gold), black (oxidized) anodized or satin. Our comprehensive instrument and product offerings, backed by our unconditional “Satisfaction Guarantee for Life” against defects in materials and workmanship, reflect our commitment to you.

Quality Plus Production Setup

We are well equipped with modern and contemporary technology. Quality Plus Instruments has a prevailing and powerful production set up to fulfill our customer's great demands in time. Quality Plus Instruments is dedicated to individually handcrafting highest quality instruments in the profession. These are exceptional instruments, renowned over the world for their precision, performance, longevity, reliability, and uncompromising quality.

Our mandate for excellence is company-wide. Only at Quality Plus Instruments will you find  artisans meticulously handcrafting instruments in a modern state of the art manufacturing facility. We are actively serving the industry with the best technologies & new instrument development capabilities. Our ability to custom manufacture instruments from concept to market makes us a more valuable partner for your needs.

The Leader in Quality and Excellent Value

Quality Plus Instruments is very proud of its products and confident that all instruments are manufactured with the utmost precision, high standards & quality, All of the cobalt & stainless steel instruments are surgical grade, therefore, they can be chemically sterilized and are autoclave able without fear of damage. Quality Plus Instruments stands behind every instrument produced and distributed.

Lifetime Guarantee

All Quality Plus instruments are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects, provided that the instrument is used for its intended purpose. Quality Plus Instruments will replace the defected instrument without any charges. Quality Plus Instruments quality control inspectors in the factory carefully examine every instrument. Also, Quality Plus Instruments experts inspect every instrument using a Thirty-one-point checklist for all incoming instruments and a six-point final checklist on every item shipped. No instrument is shipped unless it meets our stringent quality and standards. Quality Plus Instruments high reputation in terms of design, quality and competitive price, while giving both quality and durability is well recognized in the industry. Due to these distinctions and our endeavor to meet all expectation, our customers are very satisfied. End user should keep instruments in tip-top working condition.

Result? Excellent value for your instrument investment

Custom Manufacturer and Private Labelling

As a manufacturer, we have the ability to custom manufacture and private label any of our products. A variety of finishes are available from sand blasted (Matte), Polished (Mirror), Electroplated (Gold), black oxidized, anodized and satin. Custom orders are available to suit the customers preference. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to meet your design needs. 


Quality plus maintains a full warehouse of in-stock instruments with an advanced inventory control system to process all orders for same day shipping. This enables us to service our customers quickly and economically.