Riflior Angled Foot Rasp 20cm

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Riflior Angled Foot Rasp 20cm

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Precision-quality Stainless steel foot rasp is designed to reduce corns and callus or any other hardened skin from the feet. It allows for easy clean up. Made of rust resistant and can be sterilized, surgical grade stainless steel is used. Light weight and design provides working comfort and precision. pleasant Satin finish. No risk of Corrosion or Rust. 100% Guarantee. Autoclaveable.

How to use:

For maximum result please use Foot Rasps on dry feet before your shower or bath, lotion or any other cream can be used after using foot rasp.  
Softly move foot rasp to reduce hardened skin at callus or corns. When the small sharp teeth of rasp becomes filled with dry tissue, simply tap it out on a dry towel.
After removing the hard skin with the rasp, you should buff over the areas with the softer side of the rasp to smooth the skin otherwise the client will feel their feet uncomfortable.


A foot rasp should be used on corns, callus or hardened skin of foot
Never use foot rasp on soft skin it could hurt you and can break the soft tissue.
Soak your hard skin after using foot rasp.


Nice handling and proper storage after use is essential for the long life of the instruments.
Instruments are manufactured for Podiatry and manicure or Pedicure use and should not be used for any other purposes.
Passivation process is applied to prevent rust or correction.
Only high quality stainless steel is used that is capable of performing under normal or expected conditions.
There are no known hazards associated with functional failure, maintenance and aging but care in use is essential.

How  to care foot rasps.

Make sure all foot rasps are dry before storage.
Make sure all residue is removed after procedures before allowing it to dry.
Never wash foot rasps with a wire brush  please always use a nylon or soft brush.

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